For your business, downtime is not an option. That's why our network is constantly evolving to bring you greater network uptime, more capacity and faster response times than ever before. We currently peer with multiple carrier grade partners, which allows us a truly multi-homed network for all traffic – local, national and international connectivity for your customers has never been easier.

Network Map


In an Australian first, we've implemented DDOS mitigation on our international transit links; as 99% of all attacks stem from international locations, this means that as soon as a DDOS is detected, its removed at a carrier level before it enters our network – we're now able to react faster and ensure network integrity.

Peering at a state level means that the shortest path possible to your servers, no matter where you are; we also utilize a inter-capital link from Brisbane to Sydney for redundancy. We'll be adding Melbourne to our east-coast backbone shortly.

Our core network is fully redundant, from diverse fiber feeds to core switching equipment.

We only use Cisco networking equipment, including Cisco's own netflow accounting for accurate and live network traffic to and from your server.