50 Emails

Amount of space 5 GB
Mobile email support YES
IMAP and POP3 Support YES
$ 10
per month

100 Emails

Amount of space 10 GB
Mobile email support YES
IMAP and POP3 Support YES
$ 15
per month

200 Emails

Amount of space 20 GB
Mobile email support YES
IMAP and POP3 Support YES
$ 20
per month


Amount of space UNLIMITED
Mobile email support YES
IMAP and POP3 Support YES
$ 25
per month

Email. Customized for Your Business

Personal email addresses for individuals and small business.
Now you can have your OWN personalised email address yourname@yourdomain.com.au when you register your unique domain name and sign up for one of our Email Hosting plans.

This solution is for home and business users who require professional email addresses '@' their domain name but do not require web hosting. Emails can be sent and received using an email program (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Entourage) or from any internet connected computer, or mobile phone anywhere in the World.

Reveal a more professional image. For example
No new software. Easily works with email you already use, like Outlook®.
Check your email account anytime, anywhere
We're here to help. Anytime you need us.

Email for Those Who Mean Business

Email for those who mean business. Plus the tools you need for productive teamwork.
More than just Email – collaborate securely on your desktop, on your mobile device or through a web browser anywhere, anytime.

You get all the enterprise-grade functionality that you expect from our Next Generation platform without all the additional headaches and investments that come with mail servers, software licenses, security and nonstop system administration. Enjoy the reliability and security of Hosted Exchange without the costs. Stay in touch whether in the office or on the road. Our full featured Hosted Exchange email service includes additional value-added services to enable your team to collaborate.

Coordinate employee schedules with shared calendars
Work with email programs you already use, like Outlook®
Manage group projects with document collaboration tools
Sync your email, contacts, calendars and tasks so you can work remotely, anywhere, anytime